In a world where selling your music online is no longer a difficult task, the challenge remains in understanding how much music artists really earn from the sell of their music. With many music stores and several music distributors, how do you find the music store and distributor that is right for you? With the average store charging a 30% commission and the average distributor charging a fee, it makes it more difficult for artists to make a profit.


Facts Matter


There are many music platforms available for independent artists to choose from. You can service many of these music platforms by simply utilizing digital distribution services like Cd Baby and Tunecore. Two of the largest and most well-known music platforms available are iTunes and Google Play. iTunes and Google Play both charge a 30% fee on all sales made through their platforms.
If an artist sells their music for $0.99, both platforms will take a $0.30 commission. If you used Tunecore to service the song, then you earn $0.69 since they do not take a commission on digital sales. If you used Cd Baby, then you’ll be hit with an additional 9% commission causing your revenue to be $0.637.


Also, Tunecore charges an annual fee of $9.99 for a single and $29.99 for the first year for an album, then $49.99 each following year. While Cd Baby charges a one-time fee of $9.99 for a single and $49 for an album. In addition, you will have to wait three months before receiving your sales revenue from all digital music platforms since they payout every quarter.

How We Compare To Everyone Else

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What We Are All About


Music For Change was founded by ROCKing It Entertainment, LLC in 2017. It’s core mission is to empower artists and fans, while changing the world. Music For Change requires all artists to pledge a minimum of 10% of all revenue to a charity of their choice. As the first crowd-sharing music platform, Music For Change stands by the mantra that “everybody wins”. With it’s unique crowd-sharing model, fans and charities are able to share in the revenue of artists through actively engaging with the music and encouraging their network, on various social media platforms, to tip in support of an artist.

Why You Should Sell Your Music With Us


Music For Change’s combined fees are a minimum of 25% (artists can decide to pledge more than the required 10% to charity). There are no set-up, monthly, or annual fees. This means that artists retain a maximum of 75% of each tip and can request a payout once their current balance reaches $25.


Music For Change has zero set-up, monthly, or annual fees. Artists are allowed to sell their music on the platform without any initial investment. Music For Change charges a 12.1% fee on all tips. In addition, Stripe (payment processor) charges a 2.9% + ($.30 per tip) fee. Also, artists are required to pledge a minimum of 10% to a charity of their choice. All fees add up to 25%, allowing for a maximum payout to artists of 75%.


The commission paid to fans through the affiliate program will be paid from the Music For Change fee of 12.1%. With the ability of earning 1% by referring artists and 1% of tips from their shares, fans can earn up to 2%.


The Musician’s Pledge


Making a change in the world is an essential part of Music For Change’s core mission. Since there are so many issues facing humanity, Music For Change decided to require artists to pledge a portion of their revenue to a charity of their choosing. The 10% minimum pledge is known as the “Musician’s Pledge.” Why 10%? We felt that a 10% contribution from artists was a fair amount that can have an impact on bettering the cause of their choice. If an artist chooses, they can pledge up to 100% of their revenue for any particular release. Now, all music sold on Music For Change takes on a meaning beyond the lyrics.


How #EVERYBODYWINS With Music For Change


Music For Change is truly a platform built so that Everybody Wins. Artists are not charged a set-up, monthly, or annual fee, but they must meet certain requirements in order to sell their music. All music and accompanying artwork must be of high quality. Without any upfront cost, artists immediately stand to gain a profit from their first sale.


By registering as a fan, music supporters can utilize the unique sharing feature to receive 1% of all sales from artists they refer and/or 1% of all tips that are received from their shares. In addition, Music For Change awards the fan who earns the most money each month, as well as the fan who is the Most Valuable Fan of the year.


Due to the Musician’s Pledge being a minimum of 10% of all sales, charities stand to gain consistent contributions from artists who decide to pledge to their organization. This will help them get one step closer to solving the cause they are fighting for.


Music For Change has implemented the “Pay What You Want” model and allows fans to decide what they feel the music is worth. Once a tip is made, the tipper will receive a download link via email as well gratification knowing that a portion of their tip will go towards fighting a charitable cause.


We Are The Only Crowd-Sharing Music Platform


The Music For Change platform is effective due to being built on the basis of Crowd-Sharing. It allows everybody who participates on the platform to share in the success of an artist, as well as making the world a better place. Through an affiliate marketing program, fans can now be rewarded for their effective sharing efforts. They can simply utilize the social media share buttons (Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit) on each individual music page and embed the music release on their personal blogs. By providing fans with various methods of promoting the music, this increases the chances of the artist reaching their sales goal. Registered fans have the option to be notified immediately when music is approved. This is done to increase the possibility of the music going viral.

Did you know?
By becoming a fan you can earn 1% of all tips a music release receives from your shares and if you refer an artist you can earn 1% of all tips they receive. Also, you will be eligible to win prizes as a Top Music Fan.
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